Rocky Flintstone Unleashed;

January 1st 00.01hr

Your special invite to the
New Year's Eve party of the year...

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You have arrived here because the My Dad wrote a Porno podcast in its present form has officially ended.
In the meantime please be assured that I shall be attempting to pick up from where the podcast trio have left off. It won't be as good, witty, or funny but it will have loads of new content on the Belinda Blinked world.

Starting 1st January 00.01hrs 2023 an intro to the new material plus a "special New Year's Eve party invite" to all Belinkers will be available via podcast for your enjoyment.
Just search for Rocky Flintstone Unleashed and subscribe!

From January 9th onwards we have a busy schedule with a new podcast episode released each day until July 2023 and following that weekly. At various times from late January onwards I shall be interviewing various Belinkers and some of the characters from the books. We'll be catching up on what's been going on in their lives and I believe Peter Rouse is the first one.
If you enjoy your podcasts on YouTube then the above material will be available there starting mid March 2023 with an exciting...ish visual content...ish... Indeed I have comissioned Mouldy Wood, the Belinda Blinked books, book cover art creator, to develop a series of key moments and characters for the You Tube channel. It should be so much fun because Mouldy is phenomenal.

I hope you'll join in and find out more about the Belinda Blinked adventures as we enter this new phase for the story.

Remember.... look for and subscribe to Rocky Flintstone Unleashed from the 1st January 2023...
It's not the end... it's the end of the beginning....
Belinda Blinked...

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